Frequently Asked Questions

SecureCoop is a coop monitor and door opener with phone notifications, so YOU can take a vacation or step out for the evening or sleep in, knowing your flock is safe. If there's an issue we will send a notification to your phone, anywhere in the world, as long as your phone is online with either a data plan or Wi-Fi, backed up by our NO LOST BIRDS guarantee: If you ever have an issue with SecureCoop that we don’t notify you about which causes you to lose a bird, we will replace that bird. (Up to 10 birds valued at up to $5 each.)
No. SecureCoop can monitor any existing coop door and notify your phone if there are issues. Just order it without a motor. A future planned accessory may be a light positioned over the existing opener's sunlight sensor, which would cause it to open on the schedule you want and cause it to open even if no sun is shining. Turn that dumb opener into a smart opener.
During setup, your phone informs us of your location. (Only requested once.) Sunrise and sunset times for the entire year are calculated and stored in the unit. The time is then maintained based on atomic timekeeping internet services and a battery-backed clock inside the unit. It's pretty high-tech stuff 🤓
Yes, there is an internal clock and schedule. The device opens/closes as expected and your phone is notified that the device is offline so you can check your internet.
Your phone will be notified that the device is unreachable, and you can request a neighbor or friend check on the birds.
Not yet. Right now, 110V power is needed at the coop. Solar will be offered as soon as it is available. We're also working on an option with a 12V low-voltage power line you can shallow bury in the ground.
It uses your home's Wi-Fi to get to the internet, and then our servers connect to the app on your phone. Your phone does not need to be on the same Wi-Fi, it will receive notifications even via your data plan. As long as your phone connects to the internet in some way, you will receive updates from almost anywhere in the world.
If you have even one bar at the coop it should be enough. If you have no signal at the coop, we will soon be selling better antennas and/or outdoor range extenders. Until then, we recommend you buy a Ubiquiti range extender.
Bluetooth is only used during the initial setup to configure the device while standing next to it. Once the device is connected to Wi-Fi, you can disable your phone's Bluetooth then go anywhere in the world. As long as your phone has internet connectivity via either a data plan or Wi-Fi it will receive notifications.
-15F to 150F. Lower temperatures may work but these have not been tested.
The motor has a rating of 516ft⋅lb, so pretty much anything you can throw at it.
Yes. It can be installed on the outside of a coop. It resists moisture both outside and inside; The box has a shed roof and louvered vents. Inside, we spray a coating on all of the circuit boards which helps resist moisture, The circuit boards are mounted vertically with channels for water to fall both behind and in front, so even if moisture finds it's way inside, they are protected. The motor is rated by the factory for IP65, but we are also spraying an additional layer of coating.
About three minutes: * Open the app * Press the configuration button * Type the Wi-Fi password Done 🙂
Your birds are precious. We will include an optical obstruction detector to ensure no harm comes to them. We're also including a NO LOST BIRDS guarantee. If you ever have an issue with SecureCoop that we don’t notify you about which causes you to lose a bird, we will replace that bird. (Up to 10 birds valued at up to $5 each.)
90 days is boring. Got your attention, didn't it?
We wish we could, but we're focused on the US for now.
Inside the enclosure on the rear panel is a factory reset button. Hold it for five seconds until the light blinks.
To calculate sunrise and sunset times. We hate big technology invasions of privacy as much as you probably do, so we ONLY request the location once during setup. The phone updates the location of the unit once, then it is no longer requested.
No, but without the service the unit acts as a "dumb" opener. Opens and closes on a schedule based on your location, but doesn't send notifications if there are issues, and it doesn't allow remote open/close.
Check that the lens and reflector are clean and aligned. When all is as it should be, the light on the obstruction detector will be lit.
Yes. The operating system will also be open for modification if you want to add new features. Initially we will use the lowest-powered Raspberry Pi. This is expected to be adequate for every task including streaming cameras because the processing and compression of the video would occur within the camera and the RPi simply passes the video stream to our server. However, should you want more horsepower it can be swapped for any other type of RPi. If you do something cool with your SecureCoop, share your project with us. If we incorporate that into a future design, we will give you a reward 🙂
That, we have yet to discuss with our lawyers. But, you will be satisfied with it. We hate when companies duck out of their obligations.
When idling (almost all of the time), it uses approximately 0.6 watts. It would take about 100 SecureCoops to equal one of those old-fashioned 60 watt light bulbs, or about 25 of those fancy schmantsey new LED bulbs. During door operation (which takes about 15 seconds), it'll use approximately 30 watts, equal to about two modern LED bulbs.
The motor self-locks when not operating. It is almost impossible--short of breaking the door or motor mounts--to operate the door with the power off. Also, the threshold of the door will have an optional cover, ensuring that prying paws may not reach under the door well enough to pry it open.
It is the natural habit of a bird to find a roost before sundown, so coop door openers have solved this problem naturally. However, if you would like more comfort a future planned accessory is a "bedtime snack" feeder. A bell rings, treats drop, HERE COME THE BIRDS!! And the door closes behind them. Also another planned accessory is leg band radio tags which notify the system that all birds have come in for the night.
In the app, there is a remote open/close option. At the coop, there is an open/close switch.
The best part of waking up is Folgers in your coop.
42, of course. That's the answer to life, the universe, and everything.