Finally! A coop door opener
you can count on.

SecureCoop installed

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Do you want a coop door opener that notifies your phone when it opens, closes, or has an issue? Do you have an old-fashioned coop door opener you cannot trust?
Try SecureCoop!

  • Text messages for open, close, and other alerts keeps you in touch.
  • Already have a door opener? Monitor your existing opener with SecureCoop.
  • Simple setup: Pre-programmed for your sunrise/sunsets.
  • No tweaking needed. Sunrise/sunset times change automatically with the seasons. Set it and forget it.
  • No crushed birds with an obstruction sensor.
  • Everything included to motorize your existing door.
  • Predator-deterring blinking “eyes.”
  • 10lb/4.5kg motor weight capacity.
  • 103 day money back guarantee.
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.

NO LOST BIRDS. If you ever have an issue with SecureCoop that we don’t notify you about which causes you to lose a bird, we will replace that bird. (Up to 10 birds valued at up to $5 each.)

Already have a door opener? Bring it into the 21st century! SecureCoop can monitor any door opener on the market.

Birds are a lot of work. You love your birds. But sometimes you want to sleep in, stay out late, or take a vacation. How can you know your flock is safe? Be notified when the door opens, closes, or if there are issues. SecureCoop texts to your phone, keeping you in touch with your flock.

Complicated? Unreliable? You wanted a coop door opener, but you don’t want a complicated setup. Or you’ve tried the other brands and you never know for sure those are working. Some use light sensors which can be fooled by overcast days. Some stop working and you never know. SecureCoop comes pre-configured with sunrise/sunset times for your zip code. Just plug it in! Monitoring keeps you alerted if there are issues.

Planned accessories

  • Solar power
  • Connects to a variety of doors
  • Doors in various configurations and materials
  • Temperature/humidity sensor
  • Air quality sensor (ammonia/urine, CO2)
  • Heater/ventilation operation
  • Predator sensor
  • Outdoor cameras
  • In-coop camera
  • Poultry leg band trackers
  • Feeder opener
  • Feeder level
  • Treat dispenser
  • Water level monitor
  • Water quality
  • Water temperature
  • Egg detection
  • Broody detection
  • Makes coffee (Yes, really.)

Still in development. Drop us a line and we’ll keep you updated on the progress! We hate spam and will never sell your address.