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The coop door opener with phone notifications. EARLY BIRD PRE-SALE: Join our mailing list and receive a valuable early bird pre-sale coupon! Click here.

SecureCoop unit

If you already have a door opener, choose the no motor option to monitor your existing opener.

Door sensors

Self-locking coop door

12" x 16". Forms a self-locking predator-resistant coop door. Prevents predator's claws from opening the door.

Monitoring subscription

Required to enable phone notifications

Available on backorder

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EARLY BIRD PRE-SALE: Pre-order now and save! Join our mailing list to receive your early bird pre-order coupon. Click here.

New! Easy setup! Opens and closes your coop door at sunrise and sunset for your location, which is detected automagically during setup using your phone’s built-in GPS. Add the monitoring subscription to enable phone notifications and remote operation.

Already have a door opener? Use SecureCoop without a motor to monitor it! Turn your dumb opener into a smart opener with SecureCoop!

Free shipping!

Includes a free bag of chicken treats, yours to keep even if you return your SecureCoop.

Free bag of chicken treats
Yours to keep even if you return your SecureCoop


NO LOST BIRDS. If you ever have an issue with SecureCoop that we don’t notify you about which causes you to lose a bird, we will replace that bird. (Up to 20 birds valued at up to $5 each. Requires monitoring subscription.)


NOTE: The monitoring subscription is required to enable the notifications which notify you when the door opens/closes or if there is some issue. The door will still open at sunrise and close at sunset without this, but this service is required for notifications on open/close/issues. The “NO LOST BIRDS” guarantee does not apply without a subscription.

Additional information

Weight48 oz
Dimensions12 × 12 × 18 in
No motor

Already have a door opener? Save money with the motor-free version.

SecureCoop unit


Yes, No

Door sensors

Left- or right-handed

Left-hand, Right-hand

Monitoring subscription

Monthly or annual

Monthly, Annually, None


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