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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal.


Ready to make your coop secure? We need your help to make SecureCoop a reality. SecureCoop development is nearing completion. But more funding is required to bring SecureCoop to market: Lawyers, FCC validation, insurance, and various miscellaneous expenses which inevitably arise when starting a new project.

Your pre-order today helps make SecureCoop a reality. Let’s make it happen!

Not ready to buy? You can also help by sharing the word. The more people who are aware of SecureCoop, the closer we get to crossing that finish line.


The great news: Development is mostly complete. About 10-20% remains unfinished including building an enclosure, remote system updates, help documentation, support contact, password reset, new user signup, and general spit-shine and polish. So you don’t need to worry about there being some major technical hurdle that prevents us from bringing this to market.

The only thing holding us back from releasing this product is covering the last stretch of funding for lawyers and paperwork, government requirements (FCC validation), insurance, and miscellaneous expenses.

FCC validation is the largest risk. Validation is the process by which the product is examined to ensure it does not create excess radio interference. This is always a challenging step for any new product. It has about a 50% failure rate on the first attempt. Should my product be rejected, I’ll need to return to the development phase to examine where the system is causing interference, and return to the lab, at a cost of about $2,000 each attempt. Almost all products pass the second attempt. Of course, it is my goal to pass on the first attempt, but the unpredictable can happen.

So if you love your flock and want to keep them safe, come on board, let’s make this happen!


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